Every member of your team that attends and graduates the NICL is eligible to receive a Certificate of Graduation and advanced standing for Master’s level credit hours. (That’s approximately $6,000 in credit hours for the universities that offer the full 12-credits).

Every member of your team that completes the NICL and graduates earns Alumni Status. Alumni may come back to the NICL training at any time, at any venue for no additional cost. You just have to get there. Dr. Rutland believes that every leader should return for a refresher. Your learning is enhanced each time you revisit, reflect and review these leadership principles to improve.



  • Pastors, Assistant Pastors, Executive Pastors
  • Youth Leaders, Worship Leaders, Ministry Group Leaders
  • Church Planters
  • Denominational Leadership
  • Ministry Coaches
  • Board Members and Elders
  • Church Staff Members
  • Leaders looking to relaunch their church/ministry
  • Leaders wanting to break attendance barriers
  • Christian Business Leaders
  • Marketplace Leaders


  • Wisdom in balancing leadership with management to maximize your team’s potential
  • Strategic leadership principles to steer your organization toward growth
  • Effective organizational strategies for startups and relaunches
  • Principles for board management, budgeting and finance
  • How to put the right staff in key positions to bring balance and synergy to your team
  • Ideas for recruiting, managing and keeping volunteers to help you grow
  • How to effectively communicate your vision for maximum results
  • Know how and when to grow, take on debt, raise funds for building projects and how to pay it off
  • How to create an atmosphere where preaching and worship work together to effectively communicate the message of Christ
  • And so much more…


Change Dynamics

Organizational Definition and Balance

Dr. Rutland expounds on Leadership vs. Management. He shares how leadership is about doing the right thing, and management is all about doing things right. While he addresses how to balance leadership with management to maximize your team’s potential, you’ll learn valuable principles to steer your organization toward sustained growth.

Strategic Growth

Directing and Leading for Quality

As you identify your key leaders’ personality types, you can ensure that you have the right balance in your organization in order to take it to the next level. Understand who you have on your team and how to get the most from each of them. You’ll also learn how to get the right people into the right positions, how to recruit, manage and keep volunteers to help your organization grow.

Transformational Management

Strategic Leadership for Growth

Learn how to effectively lead those around you, communicate ideas and expectations accurately and manage organizational finances. Learn to turn the ship for organizational growth. This session focuses on many aspects of transformation including but not limited to building momentum, board management, leadership, communication and vision, and finances.

Communication & Worship

Excellence in Expression

Learn how preaching & worship can work together to effectively communicate the message of Christ. Synergy in the pulpit is critical to building momentum and sustaining growth in your ministry or business. This session will stretch your skills as a public speaker or worship leader and help you focus and obtain the objective of your worship experiences each week. (This is a favorite for both ministry and business leaders)

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