Jump-start Your Master’s Degree through the NICL

If you plan to further your education in Practical Theology, Practical Leadership, a MBA, or MDiv, get ahead by attending the NICL.

Participating schools and universities provide up to 12 credit hours toward your degree when you complete the full NICL course. Now that Dr. Rutland is offering the week-long intensives, you can earn these credits in as little as four months.

Ask about Dual Enrollment. Most of the participating schools allow you to dual enroll in their program and the NICL at the same time.

NICL Partner Universities


Upcoming Class Locations

Register Deadline: April 12, 2018

North Dallas, Texas

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Apr. 16-20 2018

Change Dynamics Organizational Definition and Balance

Strategic Growth Building, Directing and Leading for Quality

Transformational Management Strategic Leadership for Growth


Nov 26-28

Communication & Worship Excellence in Expression

Register Deadline: April 17, 2018

Gainesville, Georgia

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Apr. 23-25 2018

Strategic Growth Building, Directing and Leading for Quality

Sep. 24-26 2018

Transformational Management Strategic Leadership for Growth

Nov. 12-14 2018

Communication & Worship Excellence in Expression

Feb. 25-27 2019

Change Dynamics Organizational Definition and Balance

Pricing Options

To pay by phone, or to register your group, please call David Manning at 407-333-7138.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

I have for many years desired to continue my education. When I was introduced to NICL I found an educational process that fit both my schedule and goals. The quality of higher learning was in no way compromised by a unique approach to graduate level learning. As a result of completing this year of study I have enrolled in a fully accredited graduate school that has accepted the work and certification from NICL and applied credit toward my degree. I am certain the pursuit of a Master’s degree and possibly the eventual pursuit of a PhD would have either been put off or never attempted had it not been for Dr Rutland and the NICL. I am 50 years old and I feel like there are many more open doors for me now. I am excited to see what this next level of learning will bring

Pastor Phillip Williams

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

My NICL Experience has been multifaceted in its benefits. I feel communications has improved internally, vision is continually cast and conveyed and I am a stronger leader as a direct result of NICL. I personally believe Dr. Rutland is one of the foremost organization minded people in the world which is tremendous, but what makes NICL more rare is Dr. Rutland is also an exceptional teacher. Most people who operate in a field with brilliance cannot teach you how – Dr. Rutland is the exception. I would attend NICL again and again, it’s just that valuable.

Dallas Cooley


Become a more effective leader today

Whether you want to expand your influence, grow your church, re-launch your ministry or even earn credit hours towards your Masters degree, the NICL will give you the preparation, training and tools you need to gain momentum for sustained growth.

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