Attend the NICL Training with Dr. Rutland

The National Institute of Christian Leadership (NICL) is an intensive leadership training program designed to elevate both your ministry and personal leadership skills to the next level. This year-long cohort comprises four sessions, each spanning of 2½ days of intensive training. These courses are tailored for church, ministry, and Christian business leaders. 

Dr. Rutland highly recommends attending with your staff. Learning as a team will multiply your efforts and help sustain momentum as you lead.

Private NICL – In a private NICL, Dr. Rutland will come to your location and teach the NICL personally for your group, no matter the size. Please email for more information.

NICL Online – Go through Dr. Rutland’s training at your own pace completely online.

NICL Online (Sessions 1-3)
Cost to Enroll: $750 per leader
Length of Access: 12 Months

Session 4 must be completed in person for an additional $250.00. 

Dr. Rutland will help change your life and ministry in just four short online training sessions.

As you work through the four sessions, you’ll gain the leadership principles necessary to navigate crisis in staff management, increase giving, grow your ministry, recruit more volunteers, reduce conflict, increase your brand and influence, and build trust in your staff and congregation. Many senior leaders have stated the NICL should be a requirement before going into full time ministry. As you work through Dr. Rutland’s training, you’ll take away life lessons you wish someone would have told you before you stepped into your first church or ministry. These leadership principles apply to church leaders, Christian business owners and marketplace ministers.

NICL Online graduates are eligible to receive credit hours toward a Master’s degree at participating universities.

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