Growth Occurs When Worship & Preaching Flow

As the pastor, you call the entire congregation into worship. Whether you had a say in the song selection or not, the entire church will look at your participation and follow your response to corporate worship. Preaching and worship is one act of worship to God. A life of worship and prayer feeds your preaching. At The NICL’s Communication & Worship session, Dr. Mark Rutland will help you and your worship leader discover how preaching & worship can collaborate to effectively communicate the message that God has given you.

Join Dr. Mark Rutland for an intense leadership training that will forever impact your ministry and community.

Special Offer for Pastors & Worship Leaders – SAVE 50%


The NICL’s Communication & Worship session begins November 2016

5 Reasons You Should Attend the Communication and Worship Session:
  • When you attend the NICL, your spouse may attend FREE.
  • You can bring your worship leader to the Communication & Worship session FREE.
  • You will learn how to communicate your vision and expectations to your worship leader, and find out what they need from you as their leader.
  • You can achieve your desired environment and atmosphere as your church’s services begin to flow.
  • You can position your church for growth, as your team begins to successfully function together and work toward the same vision.

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Communication & Worship

Learn how preaching & worship can work together to effectively communicate the message of Christ. This session will stretch your skills as a public speaker or worship leader and help you focus and obtain the objective of your worship experiences each week.

In this clip Dr. Rutland teaches about the most important part of public speaking/preaching, the introduction, and how to make sure you grab your listeners from the beginning. If you don’t grab them within the first few seconds your likely never going to get them back.


Upcoming Class Locations

Gainesville, Georgia

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Nov. 14-16 2016

Communication & Worship Excellence in Expression

North Dallas, Texas

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Nov. 7-9 2016

Communication & Worship Excellence in Expression

Lake Mary, Florida

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Oct. 31-2 2016

Communication & Worship Excellence in Expression 

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