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At the National Institute of Christian Leadership, Dr. Mark Rutland’s dynamic training brings godly wisdom and practical insight into the issues we face in the marketplace and the church. From managing stress to leading change and beyond, Rutland brings strategies and tactics that help you execute the vision God has given you. I highly recommend the National Institute of Christian Leadership for pastors and business leaders. The first session alone is worth every penny for the program.
Jennifer LeClaire

Editor, Charisma Magazine

My NICL Experience has never stopped. The reason I say this is because the NICL is not about getting through or mastering the material being taught. It’s about developing the art and skill of leadership communication necessary for a constantly shifting culture in an every changing climate of pluralism. As a Senior Pastor this truth has been indispensable to me.
Pastor Ken Angel

So often as leaders we find ourselves having to navigate complex opportunities and organizational challenges. We quickly tap out on existing knowledge and find ourselves running on pure leadership instinct.  The instinct may be the right call, but we have no language to explain why. Dr. Mark Rutland was able to masterfully put language to instinct. Not only that, but he profoundly expanded both leadership knowledge and instinct. This was not a marginal experience, it was a profound leadership experience. As a matter of fact, after attending NICL as a leadership couple, we had to bring our executive team and network together to attend the experience for a second time.  This will forever change your capacity and trajectory as a leader.
Pastor Pierre du Pleases,

The Father's House Rochester, NY

My NICL Experience has been multifaceted in its benefits. I feel communications has improved internally, vision is continually cast and conveyed and I am a stronger leader as a direct result of NICL. I personally believe Dr. Rutland is one of the foremost organization minded people in the world which is tremendous, but what makes NICL more rare is Dr. Rutland is also an exceptional teacher. Most people who operate in a field with brilliance cannot teach you how – Dr. Rutland is the exception. I would attend NICL again and again, it’s just that valuable.
Dallas Cooley


I have been in full-time ministry in for 21 years and was looking to do some study that would strengthen, refresh and grow my leadership. Someone recommended that I enrol in Dr. Rutland’s National Institute of Christian Leadership. The course was incredible! The principles I learnt from Dr Rutland have already had a huge impact on our church. It was definitely worth flying to the USA four times in 12 months to complete it. In fact, it was so impacting that I have asked Dr Rutland to come and teach the course to Pastors and Leaders in Australia.  
Paul Geerling

Senior Pastor , iSEE Church Brisbane Australia

About a quarter way through the first session of the first three-day cohort, I became strongly disappointed. As a person with a PhD in Hebrew and Old Testament studies from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, you can imagine that I have read one or two books, and sat through at least a few lectures. I realized that I was disappointed that after this three-day session, there were only three more across the coming year and then it would be all over! Hopefully, Dr. Rutland will compose a second-year curriculum so that this can continue. The fruit has already been immense, and we are most grateful.
Dr. Paul Hughes

Senior Pastor,

I highly recommend NICL to all pastors, leaders, and businessmen whose goal is a greater excellence in their ministry.  Dr. Rutland is honest, transparent, engaging, and highly successful.  The class size is small enough to be intimate but filled with powerful leaders. If you are seeking to sharpen your leadership skills, spend the money and take the time for NICL.  Your life, your ministry, your business, and your career will take a new direction to help you affect your world…
Rev. Larry Stockstill

Director, The Surge Project

I have for many years desired to continue my education. When I was introduced to NICL I found an educational process that fit both my schedule and goals. The quality of higher learning was in no way compromised by a unique approach to graduate level learning. As a result of completing this year of study I have enrolled in a fully accredited graduate school that has accepted the work and certification from NICL and applied credit toward my degree. I am certain the pursuit of a Master’s degree and possibly the eventual pursuit of a PhD would have either been put off or never attempted had it not been for Dr Rutland and the NICL. I am 50 years old and I feel like there are many more open doors for me now. I am excited to see what this next level of learning will bring.”–
Pastor Phillip Williams

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church

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Whether you want to expand your influence, grow your church, re-launch your ministry or even earn credit hours towards your Masters degree, the NICL will give you the preparation, training and tools you need to make this a year of growth.

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