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Church Leadership

Leadership growth can be significantly improved with proper training. Let the NICL help you become the leader God intended you to be.

Business Leadership

Learn to balance leadership with management to maximize your team’s potential as well as valuable principles to steer your organization toward growth.

Earn School Credits

Jump-start your Master’s degree with the National Institute of Christian Leadership (NICL). Join with other aspiring  leaders from around the country and learn from Dr. Mark Rutland’s 40+ years of business and ministry experience and  earn credit toward your Master’s degree.

Recent Posts from the Leadership Notebook

On Giving and Receiving: The Secret Love Life of Crows

 Biblical metaphors relative to the laws giving and receiving include no mention of grateful crows, but a little girl in Seattle, Washington has proven they might well have done so. Eight year old Gabi Mann began sharing part of her lunch with the crows each day. No...

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Leadership and Competition

 In reference to a news story from California I posted a column on The Leader’s Notebook (The Slaughter in Arroyo Valley - 01/21/15) which was somewhat controversial. Indeed, I knew it would be. I hope you will read it again or for the first time as the case may be,...

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Apostolic Conflict

      Imagine a scenario in which two widely known and well respected ministerial leaders have a serious conflict over which associate to hire, so serious in fact that they end their professional association and go their separate ways. Each then hires his own...

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