The Christmas season is upon us and there is much to be thankful for. It’s a time of celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying the company of family and friends and taking the time to give a little extra during this season. It can also be a busy season filled with shopping, festivities, traditions and more, which is why the term presence holds so much meaning.

Our Savior Was Born

When thinking of this season we reflect on the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. The scene we are commonly familiar with, the Nativity scene, depicts baby Jesus asleep in a manger as animals and others come in to see him. Just within this scene we can’t help but to feel the significance of His presence. Watching how others came far and wide just to take a look. It was His presence that brought the three wise men to come and bring him gifts. Following after a promise and a star they set foot in search for this newborn King.

Others had heard of such a king being born that even the thought of Jesus’ presence caused King Herod to order all males under the age of two to be killed because of his fear that another king would be greater than himself. Yes, the presence of Jesus did not go unnoticed. Not at His birth or after all the years to follow. His presence was known long before His birth in the hearts of those that believed and when he fell asleep in a manger, His presence became known among all the earth.

Coming Into His Presence

As we get closer to Christmas day, our daily schedules can start to build up. Wrapping up our work weeks in preparation for the new year, finishing up our shopping for loved ones and even attending those late season Christmas parties can leave us feeling rushed in one direction or another. It’s easy to get caught up in the energy of it all and it’s part of the fun! But even with all the fun, we can find ourselves feeling burnt out even before Christmas day arrives which is why it’s a good reminder to take the time, whatever it may be, to come into His presence.

Imagine going back to the Nativity scene and thinking about all those that came to visit with Jesus. What it meant for them to see firsthand what God had promised so many years before. To think about what Mary and Joseph must have felt when a baby birthed of a virgin was tangibly before their eyes. How awe struck must they have been and yet overcome with such a peace. That’s what the presence of Jesus does when we take the time to draw near to Him. No matter what is going on in our lives, His presence gives us a peace that surpasses all understanding. We find ourselves taken up in awe and wonder of our Savior, our hearts moved in gratitude for all that He is and all that He has done. His love washed over us and we find ourselves in a humble posture of complete surrender and rest. This is just an inkling of what coming into His presence looks like and He woos us to Him for more.

May Your Season Be About Presence

It’s always amazing what the Lord reveals to us when we spend time in His presence. Often, it’s exactly the opposite of what we expect. As we are going about our to-do’s and checklists of life, God is calling us to yield, slow down and be in the moment. It’s not to say that He doesn’t have plans with our checklists, but it seems to be the least of His concerns as He always beckons us into His presence first. And if God is so concerned with drawing us into His presence then it doesn’t seem far fetched to think that maybe he desires for us to be more present in our daily lives as well.

The to-do’s and activities will always be there and Christmas will come again just like it does every year but the moments and the memories made when we take the time to slow down and just be present will not. It’s amazing what we discover when we decide to stay still. To enjoy those around us and even the hustle and bustle.

May your Christmas season be blessed and full beyond measure and may your season be about presence.

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